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  1. Are women in Islam treated equally with men ? And is FGM part of Islam?

    • Women are most definitely treated equally. There are some rules that benefit women over men while other rules benefit men over women. For example, in inheritance, a son has a higher percentage of the right to the parents property than the daughter has. However, the daughter has the right for her husband’s property and maher. If you look at the STATS, white American and European Women are embracing Islam at ratio of 4:1 over men. Islam, WHEN PRACTICED PROPERLY, provides for more respect and protection than any other. This has caused some to believe that women may not be treated equally. Islam gives higher precedence to the betterment of society as a whole than to individual rights.

      FMG is NOT part of Islam. I do NOT know anyone personally who had it done. Unfortunately, it does take place in Africa as well as other places. We all need to take a stand against this gruesome practice.

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