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Esma Ali

  •  Mediator
  •  CA-licensed Real Estate Broker:  DRE# 01882163
  •  MASTER Tax Specialist / IRS-licensed Enrolled AgentEnrolled Agent# 82559

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  1. I tried to do an answer to your comment over at freedom outpost and when I saw the list of those involve with the site and what they were saying and covering on there, I knew it was a disinformation site. Here was my response to you, which they said they had to moderate, so I don’t know if it will make it through their filtering. We will see, so I decided to bring it over to you here so you would know what I said:

    Pegasus0 Esma Ali • a few seconds ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Freedom Outpost.

    ESma, you have to understand this site was set up specifically for the ignorant and lazy who do not want to research or to really know the truth, so they lazily buy whatever the globalist cabal feeds them.

    In a document the cabal wrote in planning all this they said it clearly that “we were so stupid we would believe everything they tell us” Well, its not that we are stupid, its that we are self centered and lazy.

    We absolutely do not want to do what it takes to preserve a free country and researching and being vigilant and asking questions is too damn much work for them. I apologize for the harm we have done to your people who have done nothing to us……

    There are many here who do know the truth and are pushing as hard as we can to get it out as far and wide as we can, but I am not sure if we will have enough time for it to do any good.

  2. George Robinson

    Have been banned from the freedom outpost site, but in my experience here in Sweden,the muslims we have taken in over the past 3+ years are good honest people, kind and generous………however,there will Always be some bad eggs in every society………..and the USA sure has lots of bad eggs

    • Hi George,

      We, the US has been dropping drones on Muslim populations, as well as bombs and daisy cutters in preemptive strikes. As long as our policy continues in this matter, I think we will see more random acts of terrorism. We need to work at this from the grass-roots level.

    • George,

      As long as we keep dropping bombs on Muslim populations and our pre-emptive strikes as well as sanctions and drone attacks, I think we will keep on seeing more random acts of terrorism.

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