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Please feel free to contact me to schedule your event.   I do not charge any Speaker-fees.  Various organizations have invited me as a Guest Speaker.   I have made presentations on Multiculturalism, Tax Laws, and Building Bridges across Cultures and Religions, and My life story… 

  •   Monrovia Community Program, Monrovia, CA

                                   Invited by Susan Hirch

                                  Topic:    Suicide Prevention, Panelist


  • Neighborhood Church, Pasadena, CA.

                               Invited by Reverand Christina Pshu, christinapshu@gmail.com

                                 Topic:    Religious Pleuralism


  •  Book Discussion Group on Half the Sky, La Canada, CA.

                 Invited by J. Donald Thomas MD:  jdonaldthomasmd@gmail.com

                                   Topic:    Oppression of Women is Islamic Countries


  •  Lay Counseling Ministries, Pasadena, CA. 

                                   Invited by Marna Cornell:  marnatcornell@mac.com

                                Topic:   Islam and my Everyday Life


  •   Combined gathering of Rotary Clubs of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, A.P. INDIA.  

                             Invited by Dr.Rajaiah:        savegirls@yahoo.com 

                              Mr. Prabhakarp:    prabhakarp@kvkenergy.com

                              Topic:  India-US Culturalism.


  •  Rotary Club of Arcadia. 

                             Invited by Eric Barter:  ebarter@badboysbailbonds.com

                            Topic:  India-US Culturalism.


  •   Rotary Club of San Gabriel.

                          Invited by Dr. Susan Parks parks_s@sgusd.k12.ca.us

                         Topic:  Ramadan


  •    Keller Williams Realty, Arcadia, CA.

                          Invited by Kenny Watanabe:  kmw01@kw.com

                          Topic:   Taxation for small businesses.


  •  Masons Fraternity Club, Arcadia, CA.

                      Invited by Daniel Bayer:   daniyelbyer@yahoo.com


  • District 5300 E-Club. 

                         Invited by Gary Webster:  thegwebster9@msn.com


  • Rotary Club of Azusa, CA. 

                      Invited by Harry Heflin:  harryhef@gmail.com


  • Kiwanis Club of Altadena, CA. 

                      Invited by George Van Alstine: gvachurch@aol.com


  • Progressive Discussion Group, Pasadena, CA.

                      Invited by Inam Moore, 310-339-8711


  • Neighborhood Church, Pasadena, CA.

                 Invited by Reverand Hannah Petrie, hpetrie@uuneighborhood.org


  • Jewish Temple,  Altadena, CA.

                        Invited by Sue Barber, suebarber.nyca@gmail.com


  • Kiwanis Club of La Canada, CA

                     Invited by Tom Petersmeyer, thomaspetersmeyer3@gmail.com



2 Responses to Speaker Resume

  1. Hello, Madam,

    While reading about the Islamic State In Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and their crucifying enemy Iraqi civilians (?), I came across some comments that reminded me of the old West days in America, updated to today by such crude comments that alluded to “the only good Muslim was a dead Muslim.” Your soft-spoken words intrigued me to go to your web site and check out what you had to say about Islam and Muslims. And, I’ve printed off your Q/A section for later study with some past analysis I’ve done and continue to do of the Quran.

    I take great pride in letting the world know that I am a born-again Christian who loves and serves my living Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And, as an American soldier combat veteran who loves his country I continually hold my country, my sisters and brothers in the US armed forces and my fellow American citizens before the Lord God in prayer for an end to this War on Terror that continues to grip the world. As I continue my analysis of your Q/A on Islam and the Quran and allow the Holy Spirit to empower me I hope to be able to offer some insights that will result in a broader understanding of the Christian-Jewish-Arabic brotherhood so that in the end Almighty God may bless us all. I now close seeking the power and love, peace and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to rest upon us as we study to know God’s will. RJ

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