At a Rotary Peace Conference, I recently met  Arun Ghandhi, grandson of Mahatma Ghandhi.   He told me stories of his grandfather in the Peace-Making process.     I became very inspired.

Mahatma Ghandhi spent the last twenty years of his career in Conflict Resolution rather than strict Litigation.   Read: An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth by Mahatma Gandhi.


 I joined MBB –  Mediators Beyond Borders.   Using MBB’s resources and contacts along with the resources from Rotary International,  I feel powerful.  I can contribute to making the world a better and safer place for all of us.

Through MBB,  I met a gentleman from Rwanda,  Eric Rwabuhihi, who survived the Genocide!!   Currently, I am working on a project to help Rwandans put their lives together.      Click here to see the Documentary Coexist  for free.

    –We cannot leave it up to the Politicians and World leaders to resolve conflicts and solve problems–.


 “Can we achieve World Peace?”  

  —-Peace begins at home, in our families, then communities.  It begins with you and me, as we strive to get to know each other better.  Then, we can use Conflict Resolution skills, and persuade our enemies/opponents that both sides will be better off in achieving Optimal solutions.   We CAN Achieve World Peace!!

Esma Ali

Esma  received the following Training in Conflict Resolution:

  1. “Work it out at Work”    from  Western Justice Center, Pasadena, CA.
  2. “Conflict Management Skills for Women”   from SkillPath Seminars.
  3. “Basic Mediation Training”  from
  4. 10-Hours- “Mediating the Litigated Case”  from MLK Dispute Resolution Center, Los Angeles, CA
  5. 3-Hours- “Nuts and Bolts of Mediation”  from MLK Dispute Resolution Center, Los Angeles, CA

Esma has volunteered in the field of Conflict Resloution:

  • Mediated disputes between neighbors for Homeowner’s Associations.
  • Participated in  training for the youth in Conflict Resolution skills for the Western Justice Center.
  • Mediated disputes between Pasadena residents and the Police Department.

One Response to Peace-Making

  1. I am so impressed with what Esma you are doing. It is wonderful to know that these organizations exist to
    encourage mediation. I do believe that what gets on TV is often a small group of whatever religion or extremists who are present in many societies. Working for social and economic justice is another
    good way to bring people together. Frustrated, hungry, jobless people can feel driven to violence…
    The more we do to eliminate world poverty…. increase education…. foster get-togethers between
    different cultures and religions, the better the world will become…I take my hat off to you, Esma… for
    walking your talk… I am so pleased we are friends! Marna

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