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Who was Muhammad bin Abdallah ?



1. What does Islam mean?

Islam means peace and submission to the one Almighty God. The basic Islamic Belief is that there is just One, Unique, Incomparable God, and Muhammed as HIS last prophet.

2.   What is the Qur’an?

Qur’an is a record of the exact words that God revealed to Prophet Muhammad through Angel Gabriel fourteen hundred years ago.  NOT one word has been changed since its origination.  It provides guidelines for a just society and proper human conduct.   The ORIGINAL Quran  in its original form exists in a museum in Turkey.

3.     When was the Qur’an actually written down?  Many religions were taught by word of mouth for years.  The books in the Christian Bible were written long ago and were merely assembled into the Christian Bible at the time of Daniel.

Prophet Muhammed recited the verses,  memorized  them and had them written down, as they came.  He, himself was illiterate.  The revelations came to him from time to time, in bits and pieces, thus giving him time to swallow each piece,  during the last twenty-three years of his life.  Since then, there have been no additions or subtractions.  The Qur’an has been well-preserved in its original form, in Arabic, a language that is still alive today.   It was canonized 20 years after the death of the Prophet, by his son-in-law, Uthman.

Whenever you rely on “word of mouth”  or “assembled” by a number of people, the probability of human error increases drastically!

4a.     Do the books in the Qur’an match the books in the Christian Bible like some of the books of the Bible match the Torah?

According to Islam:

God revealed his message to Prophet Moses in the Old Testament (Torah), and continued the message through Prophet Jesus in the Scriptures.  God completed his final message in Qur’an.  The Bible today does NOT reflect the original scriptures given to Jesus.  The Bible was written by 40 men, and compiled about three hundred years after Jesus.  It was compiled by a committee, who added and subtracted from the material.  After much editing,  they got some of the  material correct but NOT all.   In fact the Book of John, almost did not make it in.  SOME of  the material does  match the Quran, after all they are from the same ORIGINAL source.

According to   The entire New Testament as we know it today was canonized before the year 375 A.D.

4b.  You indicated that you studied the Bible, did they know that your a Muslim?

I took BSF- Bible Study Fellowship classes at the Church of the Nazarene.   The purpose was to learn true Christianity.   I went to authentic Christian sources. I worked very hard on the homework questions. Most people learn Islam from Zionists like Bridgette Gabriel, then they simply echo her words.  If I had gone to apostates or Anti-Christians as such, then I would have condemned myself to ignorance.   I recommend this site for those wanting to learn True Islam.

In our small group study sessions, they knew that I am Muslim.  In the large lecture hall, they could not tell that I am a Muslim because I did NOT wear the hijab over there.  It was all women, therefore, I removed the hijab.  Once in a while, when we had a male teacher, then I would quickly put on the hijab.  Once they came to know that I am a Muslim, there was MUCH curiosity and confusion among them as to why a Muslim wants to learn the Bible.    There is no room for ignorance in this world.  That is why I took the BSF classes!!

Bloggers have asked me how come I did not become Christian upon studying the Bible.   My answer is that one can study anything.  It is God who influences the heart.   Islam is what makes sense to me.   I recognized the Bible as originating from the same source as the Quran.   I believe that both books had the same original author and that the Bible has been subjected to distortion.

For example, according to Islam,  Prophet Lot had no sons, only two daughters and he did NOT commit incest with his daughters.   I can confidently say that the Bible is incorrect.

5.    Who is the head of  a Mosque?

An Imam is a Muslim spiritual leader who has studied the religion and leads congregational prayers.    If the Imam seems to be straying from the teachings of the Quran and the Hadith, lay persons have every right to question him.    For example, at a Mosque picnic event, an Imam asked  us women to vacate an area, so that men can occupy it!!   I told the Iman that this is inconsistent with the treatment of women that Islam preaches.  He then backed off.

Many Anti-Muslims have sent me videos of “Imams” given sermons that reflect extremist views, claiming that these “Imams” speak for Islam. It is important to note that there is NO Pope, nor any central religious leader that speaks for Islam.  We all have the Quran and the hadiths as our guide.

6.   Tell me more about Hell?

HELL has seven doors leading to a fiery crater of various levels, the lowest of which contains the tree Zaqqum and a cauldron of boiling pitch.  The level of hell depends on the degree of offenses.  Suffering is both physical and spiritual.  Satan never repented for his sin and exhibited

7.   Why does Islam require that a woman should wear a hijab (scarf)?

The Hijab is worn only in the presence of men and worn during prayers.  The Hijab represents modesty.  The society puts too much pressure on women:  breast implants, high heels, fancy hairdos….  Often a woman’s self-image is correlated with how attractive she looks to men.   Oppression is living in fear that if a woman will lose her value if she loses her looks.   One friend who is a News Director for CBS told me that the female newscasters have to get “augmented” otherwise they cannot get jobs!!   This is subjugation to a society where woman’s being is UNDER-valued.   Watch this sitcom, depicting what I mean.  Modesty and the hijab are liberation of women from the pressures of society. Also, I do it as an act of obedience to my Creator.

Women were required to wear scarves to Church for prayers some time back.  1st Corinthians also stressed hijab. Also, the original Jewish traditions required the same for women.  Then, the Church and Synagogues changed the rules.   This is how religions become man-made.   However, I went recently went to a Catholic Church for an interfaith meeting.   I saw some ladies wearing hijabs and I thought that they were Muslims, attending the Interfaith event.  They were actually Catholic!!

Bloggers on some of the Anti-Muslim sites that I visit, denigrate those like me who wear the hijab, by referring to us as “rag heads.”    I find that interesting because they are the same ones who claim to have respect for Virgin Mary, the “rag head.”

Watch this video of the Hijab experiment in NYC.

8.  How come men don’t need to cover their beauty to prevent women from feeling inappropriate sexual attraction?  This seems unfair!!

Men also have to practice modesty, with loose attire  and not excessively revealing.  However, the body structure of a woman is different from that of a man.  Also, a woman is the weaker one of the sexes and needs more protection.  It is unlikely for a man to get raped.  Therefore, a woman is required to practice modesty to a higher degree than a man.

9.   In Mosques, why are women praying separately from men? Why are women usually placed in the back?

In most Mosques, women are designated a separate area.  Men usually lead the prayer.     Muslims perform salat (prayer ritual) by sitting on prayer rugs, and bending into different positions on the floor during prayer.  In some parts of the salat, the head is on the floor, and the  buttocks in the air.  Also,  I could not remove the hijab, if men were present.  I am glad that women are in  the back or segregated during prayers for privacy reasons.   Therefore, I think separation of the genders helps to keep one’s mind pure and enables one to concentrate on the prayer.

On one occasion, we had invited Christian pastors to visit our Mosque and they wanted to observe our prayers and sat in the back.  I asked them to reseat themselves in front of us instead.  I explained to them that when my butt goes up in the air, I prefer NOT to have men sitting behind me.   They, then understood.  Initially, they had thought that it is demeaning for women to occupy the back.

Some NON-Muslim women have brought up this separation of sexes as demeaning to women.  I certainly do NOT see it that way.

10.   How does the Christian concept of original sin contrast with the Islamic        perspective?

According to Christian tradition,   God cursed Adam and Eve and their ALL their progeny!!!   HE then sent Jesus to save them from HIS curse.

According to Islam:

 Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and HE sent them out of Paradise and onto earth.  — God, is Almighty and Merciful–.   HE FORGAVE Adam and Eve.   God then made Adam, the first prophet on earth.  Then HE sent to earth a series of prophets to every nation to guide mankind.  Jesus was the second-to-last prophet.  Muhammed was the very last prophet.  All of the Prophets and Messengers of Allah preached the ONE-ness of God as opposed to Paganism and they all warned  of the Day of Judgment, when each of will be scrutinized for our actions and then obtains the sentence for our deeds.  No one died to atone the sins of mankind.  Everyone is responsible for his/her own actions.

After reading the above paragraph, a Christian blogger asserted that there is no evidence to support that God ever forgave Adam and Eve.   Then, he went on to assert that God is more forgiving under the umbrella of Christianity than under Islam.  I disagree.  According to Islam, every sin is forgivable if one repents earnestly.  However, God states that HE will NOT forgive Shirk, which is equating other partners with God.  THEREFORE,  I cannot place Jesus, nor his pious-Godly mother, Mary, nor Muhammad on the same platform as God!!  This will earn me a place in HELL!!

11A.  A human being is impure and cannot ever be good enough to be judged by God.  If Muslims do not believe that Jesus died for your sins, how do you think that you  will be saved from Hell fire?

God created me as a HUMAN, and on judgment day, HE will judge me by my actions.    I do not expect to come out on Judgment Day and get a perfect report card.  My creator knows that I am a human being, and not an angel.   HE is the ONE and ONLY who can  forgive my sins and shortcomings. HE has given me free will.  I am NOT responsible for the actions of any ancestors who sinned before me.   I need to conduct myself according to the guidance HE has provided in the scriptures.    HE is the beneficent, and the most Merciful.

After reading the above paragraph someone mentioned that angels (created of light) have free will, referring to Satan, ” the fallen angel.”   The Islamic perspective states that Satan was NEVER an angel.   He is a Jinn (created of fire).  Jinns, like humans have free will.  There are some good ones and some evil ones.   Jinns will be judged for their actions, on Judgment Day and God will sentence them to Heaven or Hell.   Like Angels, Jinns are not visible to us humans.

11B.   What is the Islamic version of Original Sin:

Original sin occurred when God gathered all the Angels and Jinns together to announce HIS new creation of Adam.   HE then commanded them all to show respect for Adam, by bowing.  Satan/Ibless disobeyed!!   Iblees felt that he was superior since he was  made of FIRE and Adam was made of clay.  This is more or less analogous to Whites feeling superior to Africans.   I think to a certain degree we all possess a sense of arrogance perhaps for our God-given good looks, or intelligence and look down on others.   I am as guilty as anyone else in this regard.   We each have to keep reminding ourselves that  we have ALL been created by the SAME creator and in HIS eyes we are all equal.   It should be our Jihad (struggle) to purify our thoughts towards others in obedience to God.

Anyway Adam and Eve repented for their sin and God FORGAVE them for HE is most merciful.   Satan/Iblees NEVER repented!!  He vowed to take as many mankind and jinn with him to Hell as possible.  God then allowed him the ability to do as a method of testing us.   Those of us who pass will earn Heaven one day.

12. Are there Muslim missionaries who actively go around converting people like Christian missionaries?   Why is Islam spreading so rapidly?

Allah, (God in Arabic)  invites mankind to accept the Guidance voluntarily and to submit to Him, and to believe in the Quran, His final revelation.  God has provided humans with a mind that can explore and promote individual thinking.   I do not believe that one person can convert another into anything. In India, I have seen many missionaries reaching out to the poor communities, and providing them monetary support, in the hope of converting them to a different religion.  In the long run, I do not believe that this method will be effective.   Islam clearly states that there is to be no coercion in acceptance of the message.  It is up to an individual to think for himself/herself.   I fought to free Meriam, the Christian Sudanese woman from her Muslim oppressors.

13. What is the Muslim population in Los Angeles, in America, in the world?  Are Muslims living in our area, inconspicuous because I haven’t seen too many?

There are about 300,000 Muslims residing in the LA area.  According to the CIA World Facts book, there are 10 million Muslims in AmericaWorldwide there are about  1.3  billion Muslims.

It is not easy to follow one’s religion, in a place where that religion is a small minority.  It is a humanly need to feel acceptance, and blend in with one’s peers.  It is much easier to go with the flow then to swim against the current.  There was so much anti-Muslim sentiment especially after 9/11 that Muslims literally feared for their safety.  To a lesser degree, they feared losing their jobs, and/or clients.  Therefore, many chose to live inconspicuously.  Not me!! Thank God, that HE has given me the courage to live my life according to my beliefs.

14a.  Why does  Islam require a man to pay dowry to his bride at the time of      marriage?   This is unfair burden on the man!

A  woman has a right to demand dowry (gift) from the man that she is about to marry.  The man is obligated to pay this amount.  This gift becomes a part of her personal property.   It is called MAHER.  She may use the money as she sees fit.  (I invested mine in Mutual funds.)  She may need it for financial support in case he deserts her. This dowry symbolizes the man’s commitment of his willingness to undertake to responsibilities of marriage.  Islam establishes that a man remains solely responsible for providing for his wife and children.  For the wife, the decision to work is solely hers. She may spend her income as she likes.  The husband cannot force her to work, cook, or nurse their children.  She is allowed to keep her maiden name if she chooses.

14b.  I heard that a Muslim man can easily divorce his wife and that a wife cannot even initiate a divorce at her will.  Explain.

In case a wife is not happy with her husband, she may ask for divorce.  In this case she is not entitled to the maher and the husband may ask her to return the maher that he gave her at the time of marriage.

The husband or wife or both can approach the court to dissolve their marriage due to some irreconcilable differences.  In this case the judge makes the decision and he may grant some compensation to the wife or some relief to the husband.

15.  Does Islam allow a Muslim to marry someone who practices some other  faith?

Marriage with a non-believer is forbidden.  Marriage between a Muslim and a Hindu, Budhist, etc. is simply not recognized as marriage.  However, there is an exception:

Muslim men ARE allowed to marry Jewish and Christian women, who are referred to as “People of the Book.”    Jewish and Christians have received revelations from God’s previous messengers, even though they do not recognize HIS final messenger, Muhammad.   People of the Book are treated with respect for the most part in the Quran.  There are places, however, where God expresses anger that Jews did NOT accept HIS last two messengers, Jesus and Mohammad.  The Jewish or Christian woman is entitled to receive/enjoy the dower from her husband, the same way a Muslim woman would have been entitled.  The Jewish or Christian woman does NOT have to convert to Islam.  She can maintain her own religion.  My cousin married a Jewish lady.  She has remained Jewish.  The thing that bothers us is that she is raising their children as Jewish.  May God help them towards Islam is  my wish.   If the children remain Jewish,  then, I must remember  that God will be the judge and HE may very well be pleased with Christians and Jews who live a righteous life according to HIS guidance.   Muslims must  NOT  make judgment upon
Jews and Christians by sentencing them to Hell.

Some Zionists have brought up a question to me telling me that my religion preaches to kill Jews and Christians.  If that were true, then why would God ALLOW such marriages?   I have seen many such successful marriages with children.   The men are NOT killing their in-laws, nor their wives, who are the mothers of their children!!

16a.   Can a Muslim woman marry a Christian or Jewish man?

A Muslim woman is required to marry a Muslim man.  As head of the household, the husband provides leadership for the family.  A Muslim woman does not follow the leadership of someone who does not share her faith and values.   Since the husband is given MORE responsibility to care for his wife and family, for which he will face higher accountability on Judgment Day, he is also given a degree higher in status.    However, this verse has been misused by men to control and oppress women.  The best way to combat the oppression is with  education.

Women have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness, and men are a degree above them. Allah is Mighty, Wise. (2:228)

16b.  It appears that you are against Jews.   Correct?

Jews are referred to People of the Book.  See above.   In some places in the Quran, God expresses HIS anger towards them for disobeying HIS rules of Sabbath and for trying to KILL Jesus.   For the most part, though, they are referred to with respect in the Quran.  I have Jews among family members.   I  am certainly NOT against them.   I have a problem with Zionists.  It is important to understand the  difference!!

17.  How come Islam says that a man can marry more than one woman?

The permission to practice polygamy is not associated with mere satisfaction of passion.  It is rather associated with compassions toward widows and orphans, a matter that is confirmed by the atmosphere in which the verse was revealed to Prophet Muhammed.

Dealing justly with one’s wives is an obligation. This applies to housing, food, clothing, kind treatment…etc., for which a man is fully responsible.  If one is not sure of being able to deal justly with them, the Qur’an says: “then (marry) only one.”

The Qur’an warns that this challenge of equality and justice towards the wives in polygamy is difficult to attain.   I do not believe that a woman would want to share her husband.  However, in certain situations, this might make sense.  She may be barren or ill and see in polygamy a better solution than divorce:

In the case of John Edwards,  if I were in Elizabeth’s shoes, I would give my husband full blessings to have another wife, knowing that he has humanly needs.   I would not make him suffer through my illness. He can still be a good husband and take responsibility for the love and care of Elizabeth, until death do them apart.      What about the mistress? She became known as a home-wrecker.  She has had to lie about the father of her baby, in order to protect John.     The baby  carries the label of a child conceived in shame.  She could have played the role of a home-maker!! Thus, John, Elizabeth, their children, as well as the new wife and child could all have enjoyed a life of dignity, rather than the humiliation that was inflicted on them.

Some wives have been sharing their husbands all the time, for example the wives of:   Reverend Jim Baker,  Reverend Jimmy Swaggart,  Reverend Jesse Jackson,  . ..    The interesting point is that many of these men degraded Islam for allowing polygamy, while practicing it themselves!  Their wives, these cases,   who decided to stay with their husbands could have considered polygamy.  At least then, things can progress in a controlled manner, and there would be less chances of STD.  

All over the world many married men visit brothels regularly.  This has  resulted in sex slavery and trafficking of young girls.  POLYGAMY would be a better choice.  —Islam insists that if a man wants to enjoy sexual relations with a woman, he MUST marry her, and treat her with respect, and take responsibility for her, and any resulting children—.

In the case of Tiger Woods, Islam would have encouraged him to be just and faithful to ONE wife, and control his excessive desires.    The practice of Ramadan helps in this respect, to control one’s bodiliy needs, rather than be conrolled by them.     However,  Islam would have limited Tiger by allowing him up to four wives.  He would then have to find and marry up to four women, who would be willing to share him.   Quran warns that it is difficult, if not impossible to exercise fairness towards all wives. He would then have to love, support, and comfort each one, like a true husband and divide his time and money equally among them.   Polygamy, when practiced properly actually elevates the status of women.

Suppose that Tiger puts his excessive desires to good use.. Suppose he marries up to four women, who are societies’ Rejects:

  • Women with children, who need support
  • Older women who need comapanionship
  • Divorcees, who needed emotional well-being

He would score some good points with his Creator, who would reward him on Judgment Day.   Prophet Muhammad had practiced polygamy and married women in the categories above.

Sometimes, when I see women, who are divorced and widowed, I can feel their loneliness, and pain.  They have no outlet for their emotional and physical needs.  It is difficult for them to find another husband, since good men are hard to fine.  At the same time, they cannot engage in dating or other behavior, which may lead to a life-style with sexual relations outside of marriage.   I know that if I were in their place, I would want somebody to share her husband with me.  I wish that I were big-hearted enough to share my husband, in this respect.  But I am not.   The humanness in me dominates the prudence needed to solve problems, on a bigger scale.  Islam places precedence on solving real problems on the bigger scale over individual scales.  Islam is NOT about idealism.

18.  See:  Why did Prophet Muhammad marry so many women under polygamy?   We need to examine his life with a birdseye view, then it will make sense.

19.  Since he married mostly older widows and divorcees, how come one of his wives was so young?

 I would NOT  want an early marriage for my daughter.  We have to look at the cultural context that existed back then.

Prophet’s young wife, Ayesha was betrothed to someone else at the age of six. That means this practice was common back then, in the 600s.   Her father Abu Bakr, had her engagement broken, then arranged for her engagement to Prophet Muhammad.  The marriage was then consummated upon the age of puberty.   Mahatma Ghandhi was betrothed for third time by the age of seven, in the mid 1800s.    Read:  Gandhi An Autobiography:  The Story of My Experiments With Truth.

The Talmud, however, teaches that a father can betroth his daughter (on her journey from ketannah to na’arah to bogeret) of  only THREE years and one day old (Sanhedrin 55b, Kiddushin 41).  In medieval Jewish Ashkenazi communities, girls were married at VERY young ages.

Here is an interesting lecture on British India by a UCLA Professor regarding the life-expectancy in India up until the early TWENTIETH century.   Life expectancy was ONLY  19.4 YEARS.  Less than 20!!!  In fact, British workers OVER 16 were considered TOO old to join the East India Company.   Based on these facts, does it seem unusual for a girl to get married upon reaching puberty back in the SEVENTH century?  Most societies throughout time equated adulthood with puberty.

Historically, the age of consent for a sexual union was determined by tribal custom, or was a matter for families to decide. In most cases, this coincided with signs of puberty such as menstruation for a girl.   See:   Marriageable age Wikipedia

Even the Bible established puberty as the minimum age for marriage.

We CANNOT view the marriage of Prophet Muhammad with his young wife Ayesha based on our current standards.  In fact, our current mindset would even reject the first marriage of Prophet Muhammad at the age of 25 to an older woman, Khadija of age of 40.   He remained monogamous in his marriage to Khadija for 25 years until her death.   Would a  man who marries solely for sexual indulgence  marry a much older woman during the prime of his life and stay monogamous with her?

Even today, it is not unusual for girls to marry upon reaching puberty , although I disagree with this arrangement.   In some parts of the world,  lifespan is only around thirty years old, thus encouraging early marriage and reproduction. Currently,  Massachusetts allows girls as young as age 12 to get married with parental consent.      Ayesha became a widow very young.  She became a great scholar, and offered Islamic perspective  in  many issues, including women’s.  In fact, Ayesha is the main source for many of the Hadiths and information about his life.

One of bloggers wrote this:

” I have decried the calumnious claim that Mohammed was a pedophile, as the betrothal of young girls and the consummation of marriage upon the onset of menses were practical survival strategies in that day and age. But as those practices were rational for the day, they do not translate well to our culture, and it seems folly for them to be imposed today.”

Hamza Yosuf has provided an interesting perspective on this subject.

Yasser Qadhi commented on this point as well.

20.  How come a Muslim woman cannot marry more than one man?  This does not seem right.

If a woman were allowed to have more than one husband, imagine the chaos it would cause.  She would not know who is the father of her baby!   Moreover, it would be unfair burden on a woman to take on wifely responsibilites for more that one man.   Polygamy should be viewed as responsibility for the care and support of an additional spouse.   It should not be viewed as a form of mere sexual pleasure.  After our marriage ceremony, my husband became extremely emotional.  He later told me that that the reason was that the ceremony affirmed his commitment with God to take responsibiity for the well-being of another human being.

21.  Overall, it seems that a woman’s role is inferior to a man’s role in Islam.  How do you respond?

Islam offers protection for women:

The Quran, contrary to the Bible, places equal blame on both Adam and Eve for their mistake.   According to the Qur’an, woman is not blamed for the “fall of man.” Pregnancy and childbirth are not seen as punishments for “eating from the forbidden tree.” On the contrary, the Qur’an considers them to be grounds for love and respect due to mothers.  The Prophet said, ” The best among is the one who is good to his wife.”

Given the widespread view in the west that Islam treats women poorly, it is ironic that western women are embracing Islam at a much higher rate than men.  In the United States, women converts outnumber men by four to one. In Britain women make up the bulk of the converts.  See:  Aol News.

22.   What is Sharia?   Should we be afraid of it?

Sharia is the information set forth in the Quran, and practices of the Prophet. See  Sharia Within.

23a.  What is Sharia law?

Sharia laws are laws derived from values in the Quran, or the life of the Prophet.  Quran is NOT  a book of Law.  Sharia is continuously growing and evolving through scholarly-reasoning, according to different situations and circumstances.  There is NO Country in existence that is applying the Sharia in its purity.    Even in the countries that claim to be Sharia-compliant, there is much corruption.  Muslims are NOT living according to principles of Islam.  The MODEL of rights and responsibilites, set under Islam,  have a big potential for individual and societal reform.   But as of now, I am not aware of any nation incoroprating the Sharia-Level of Morality and Fairness, correctly.  

23b. One blogger wrote:

Esma, A majority (51 percent) of U.S. Muslims surveyed said they “should have the choice of being governed according to sharia.
What is your opinion on this?
My answer to that is that I question  The SURVEY.   I have seen many BS surveys indicating all types of false information about Muslims like me.   The US Constitution is the LAW of the land.  According to Sharia, (Islamic rule),  a Muslim is required to follow the land of land, where he/she resides.   For example, if the law of the land prohibits bigamy, then a Muslim is required to honor it even though the religion allows bigamy.   Enemies of Islam have tossed around the word Sharia to unnecessarily arouse the ignorant multitudes just like the individual in the movie Chicken Little who went around screaming that the “sky is falling.”    Having cleared that up,  the reader should know that religious rule has been in effect in the US in the ADR system for a LONG time, in matters of divorce and custody.   I believe that in Europe, the courts are applying Islamic rule in these matters as well.   Anti-Muslims are capitalizing on the ignorance of those who know nothing about ADR or about Sharia to arouse hatred and violence against Muslims like me.  Is that fair?   Click HERE to read how religious law, such as Canon law has been in effect in the US.

24.  How come women are denied basic rights in Sharia- compliant countries?

In Islam, women have the right to vote, receive inheritance, participate in legal and political affairs, and obtain an education.  Muslim societies struggle to correctly implement the human rights in Islam.  This exemplifies how human-run societies fall short of carrying out God’s will.   This is analogous to how many socieites struggle to implement Equality versus racism and discrimination.    

25.   Why does a woman have to produce four male individuals testifying to prove rape in Islamic countries?

A raped woman is a victim that must be treated with honor and kindness.  She is not required to produce four witnesses, as such to prove the crime done against her. Nor should she be punished for the crime done against her. There is no Islamic precedence for punishing the victim of sexual assault, even if the assault is not proven. A woman who has been raped cannot be asked to produce witnesses; her claim shall be accepted unless there are tangible grounds to prove otherwise.  
 There is NO Country that is practicing Sharia today, in the manner prescribed by the religion. —    Not Saudi Arabia, nor Afghanistan, not Sudan.  —   Thus countries may be demanding four male individuals as stated in the question.   However, this is NOT based on Islamic precedence and should be stopped!

In actuality, what Islam says is that if a woman is accused of lewd behavior such as prostitution, then the accuser must present FOUR male witnesses, who have ACTULLY caught her in the act.   If the accuser can’t produce the required witnesses and then he/she must SHUT UP.   Ruining the reputation of a woman has series consequences for the accusers.  Quran (4:15).

In Pakistan,  the law is requiring that a raped victim produce 4 witnesses to prove rape, while the guilty individual is let free to rape others.   To add insult to injury, the woman gets accused of adultery UNLESS she can prove the rape.   This is simply UNLAWFULLY ridiculous.   Human rights violati0n.  What is causing this oppression?   The answer is that oppression trickles down from above.  We have caused chaos and PTSD in the population by promoting Drone strikes.   Drug abuse is rampant.  Economic conditions are depressed.  The women who have lost their husbands in the drone attacks are now becoming female suici de bombers.   Anarchy has resulted here as in Iraq.   The oppressed men, in turn oppress women, who in turn oppress children.   This is the bigger picture that one has to examine.

Quran (5:29)  And do NOT kill yourselves (nor kill one another).  Surely, Allâh is Most Merciful to you.


26.   What is the punishment for adultery/fornication according to Islam?

Prophet Muhammed’s wife was accused of adultery.  He told her that if the allegations are correct, then pray to Allah for forgiveness.    God is oft-forgiving.
Islam says that Adultery has to be proven by eye-witness accounts of four different individuals.   Therfore, adultery is virtually impossible to prove.   Islam gives the adulterer the option to ask for forgiveness directly from his Creator and try as much as possible to replace his bad deeds with good ones.

 If the adulterer  thinks it is better for him/her to undergo the punishment and cleanse himself from the sin in this life itself, rather that facing the consequences in the hereafter, then it is public flagging, and or stoning.  The purpose was to pubicly discourage such acts, to set an example for others, as to the seriousness of adultery.   The punishment is equal for both men and women.  Scholars agree that in this day and time, punsishment cannot and should not be carried out in this manner.   It should be left to God.

27.   Why are women stoned to death so mercilessly, in Islamic countries?

There is NO verse of Stoning in the Quran.  Verses of Stoning reside in the Bible.  In many Islamic societies, Stoning is  misused and carried out against ONLY women, which creates societies that oppress women.   We need to stand against unfairness of any type; it is our Jihad to right what is wrong.
Just because Islamic countries carry out an act, does not necessarily mean that the act is being performed correctly, according to Islam.

28A.  Is there anything like Baptism in Islam?

 A child does NOT inherit sin from anyone.  Conception CANNOT take place unless God  wants it.  Even if the child is a result of adultery, or rape,  God will question the parents, but not the child.   A child upon developing as an adult and practicing righteous deeds, with Guidance from God’s scriptures attains salvation. In Islam, a child is God’s creation born pure of sin.  Baptism  is not practiced as  such .   

Even the infant in this picture, who was baptized,  was born SINLESS.  He was instrumental in bringing about European CHRISTIAN Fascism resulting in MASS murders.   Yet, people constantly try to point out that Islamic History portrays fascism.  THERE IS SIMPLY NO COMPARISON between the level of terrorism.

Infant Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

28B.  Baptizing is more or less like Cleansing.  Is there NO such method in Islam?

Prior to performing the official 5 daily prayers.  We have to perform ablution rituals.  Women are excused from the official daily prayers during menstruation.  Also, sexual relations are banned during menstruation.  After the period is over, women have to perform the ablution rituals prior to resuming the official prayers and sexual activities with their husband.   The ablution serves as a mechanism of cleansing similar to baptizing in some respects.  In ALL religions water is used in  purification rites.

29.   How come there is no picture or statue of Prophet Muhammed anywhere?

Suppose I had a picture of Prophet Muhammed.  I would put it up on some pedestal.  Then in no time at all, I would start praying towards it.  Then probably, I would ask Muhammed to intervene in my prayers to God.  Spontaneously, I would teach my younger generations that Muhammed was a divine being.  Then they would in turn teach their offspring that he was somehow related to God, son of God, or even God himself!  This would be Christianity all over again in the form of ‘Muhammedism’.   This process is so natural.

I have seen Catholics pray to statues of Mary.  I have seen Hindus pray to various different statues and gods depicted in pictures.  I visited the Prophet’s gravesite in Medina, when I went for Hajj.  Muslims started encircling his gravesite as a form of worship.  The authorities there stopped people from encircling and worshiping Muhammed.   Prophet Muhammed said that he was bringing the same message as Prophet Jesus before him.  Muhammed made it clear to his followers that he is NOT to be worshipped. Therefore, he did not allow anyone to sculpture a statue of him, or to paint his picture.   A man looking out for his personal gain, would NOT have been so humble. He was only concerned about depicting God’s greatness—The one and only true God–.   Unfortunately, there are still some Muslims, under the Shei sect who venerate Prophet Muhammad and his progeny.  This comprises of  a form of Shirk, which God clearly states will NOT be forgiven.

30.  The Statues mentioned above provide a place to focus during prayers.  Why do Muslims pray  towards the Kaba?   What is the history of the Kaba?

When Adam and Eve were placed on Earth, they landed in Mecca.  God forgave them and made Adam the very first prophet to guide mankind.  They built the Kaba, which was later destroyed.   They traveled northward towards Jerusalem, and built another shrine (Al-Aqsa Mosque.)
Hajj and its rites were first ordained by Allah in the time of the Prophet Abraham, and he was the one who RE-Built the Kaba – the House of Allah – along with his son Ishmael at Makkah.

After building the Kaba, Prophet Abraham would come to Makkah to perform Hajj every year, and after his death, this practice was continued by his son, Ishmael.  Gradually with the passage of time, both the form and the goal of the Hajj rites were changed. As idolatry spread throughout Arabia, the Kaba lost its purity and idols were placed inside it.  Its walls became covered with poems and paintings, including one of Jesus and his mother Maryam,and eventually over 360 idols came to be placed around the Kaba.

Prophet Muhammed wiped out idolatry in Makkah, about 3K years after Abraham. Now the Kaba is a place that Muslims turn towards to pray five times daily.  It is the focal point of prayer.   The Kaba is not worshipped.   Originally, the focal point of prayer was the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.   Then Prophet Muhammad got a revelation from God that the point of prayer should now be towards the Kaba in Mecca.

31.   What is Jihad?

Jihad means struggle, that one may undergo in trying to bring people towards the message of God.   Jihad could be a simple action, such as speaking up against oppression.. It may also take the form of reminding people of their Islamic duties and motivating them to conduct their lives according to Islam.  Jihad could comprise of removing peer pressure from Muslims, who get riducled for praying.  Migration could be a form of Jihad to move to a place where one can practice freely.

Example:  In the Chinese town of  Xing Jiang, Muslims are oppressed and cannot practice their religion.   They are watched constantly, especially in Ramadan to test whether or not they are Muslims, by who is eating.  Best case scenario, they lose their jobs.  Worst case, they may get fined or imprisoned.  In either case,  they lose their livelihood.

In this case, Jihad may involve organizing peacefully and protesting to the mayor.  One may write letters to the editor.   If all else fails, then warfare is the final resort.   Sitting on one’s ass and doing nothing does not earn respect in the eyes of God.   God says fight bravely in the cause of betterment of religious freedom even if there is chance that you may be killed.  If you die in such a cause as a martyr, then God promises great reward in Heaven.   However, an outright suicide mission will earn one HELL.   Suicide is a grave sin.   Islam does not permit, condone or promote violence. Just the opposite, it abhors violence and allows it only in self-defense.   Engaging in warfare for the control of another’s wealth or resources such as oil contradicts the message of Islam.   This type of warfare is NOT Jihad.

Jihad in a way is to defend yourself, family and country against any invasion or enemy.  The key word here is DEFFEND,  not to  do any pre-emptive attack against helpless civilians.

I have been engaging with Anti-Muslims and trying to conduct dialogues on Anti-Muslim sites, like Freedom Outpost, Eagle-Rising and, thus far.  I call the bloggers there the  “Christian Taliban.”   They are extremely “RIGHT.”  Many think that I worship some moon god and other false thoughts.  I have been called a “Troll, Whore, Witch….”    I have been threatened as well.   My goal has been to simply provide them CORRECT information on Islam.

I see this as my Jihad to struggle to set them straight on the correct beliefs of Islam.  My family has expressed their concerns for my safety.   I decided not to stay in my closet where it is safe.   If I get killed in this process than what better way to go?  May God help me in this endeavor to fight for HIS cause and may God keep me safe.  Ameen!!

32.    Why do Muslims hate us Westerners:  freedom-loving people?

Muslims’ ‘hatred” of the West is just rhetoric of the Western leaders.  We all need to look into reasons how our actions may have caused anger in others.  I recommend that people read Failed States by Naom Chomsky.  Also, people should listen to news from Independent sources like NPR or KPFK (FM 90.7).     Jimmy Carter’s book,  We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land, describes the plight of the Palestinians, which can drive anyone to desperate measures.

Guess who controls our news?  One needs to gain a clear idea of what is really happening around the world.  When you watch the news  you get a controlled-limited view through colored contact lenses. Try removing the contact lenses:   Watch Aljazeera, and other news sources.

33.    The biggest problem between the Palestinians and Jews is religion.  How do you, as a Muslim feel about this  problem?

This issue pertains to the land, not to religion.   Muslims feel that the Zionist have expanded into the territories where Muslims have lived for centuries.   Muslims view the  situation as similar to that of the colonial expansion into the lands of the Native Americans.   Palestinians feel oppressed. Islam does not permit Muslims to compromise with oppression.

Palestinian land from 1950- 2000.

Anti-Semitism is real  and  we need to stamp it out!!!

But criticizing Israel isn’t anti-Semitic.  The State Department plays this card when one opposes the Israeli aggression!!!   Both Jews and non-Jews — who speak out against Israel’s human rights abuses get labeled “Anti-Semitic.”

If you want to know why an Indian-born, American-raised, US citizen like me connect with Palestine, then click HERE to read my essay.

This Christian couple expresses my grievances well.

 34.    Does Islam promote suicide and the killing of others, with the promise of       virgins awaiting in Paradise?

Suicide is NOT allowed in Islam, under ANY circumstance.  The religion says  fight bravely in the cause of Islam, even if there is a chance you may get killed.  However, an outright suicide mission, when one knows that he will be killed is totally a repugnant act , forbidden by Islam.   Islam condemns Killing of innocent civilians.  God promises that all sorts of good things await in Paradise for those who practice righteous deeds and engage in charity.  “Promise of Virgins” is a speculation regarding  the unknowns of Paradise.   

I even heard rumors that there are 72 gorgeous men in heaven, awaiting my arrival!!   If that is the case, then Heaven would feel like HELL!!   I can hardly handle the ONE gorgeous man that I do have in my life!!  (Now, I can’t stop laughing!!!)

On a serious note, suicide earns God’s wrath in the life hereafter, where God sentences such people to Hell:

Quran (87: 12-13) Who will enter the great Fire (and will be made to taste its burning).  There he will neither die (to be in rest) nor live (a good living).  The 72 virgins awaiting the suicide bombers simply do not exist in the Quran.

35.  Why then are so many Muslims blowing themselves up?

Prior to America’s invasion in March 2003, Iraq had NEVER experienced a suicide bombing in its history.

1980-2003-                    350 Suicide attacks worldwide

2004- 2009-                 1833 Suicide attacks worldwide

Read the book:  Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism by Robert Pape, University of Chicago Political Scientist.   There is a close correlation between foreign occupation and  suicide terrorism.    Basically when the foreign occupier has military might that the native cannot compete with, suicide attacks are seen as evening the playing field.   Although most of these acts have been commited by Muslims, Islam is NOT the driving force.  For example, Palestinians, who have had their homes bulldozed  feel they have nothing to lose by committing suicide attacks on those who have settled in their homes.   In order for one to rationalize, first his basic needs have to be met, and his status on the Maslow scale has to be reach a certain level.  In Iraq and other places, our aggressive strikes have left the locals on the bottom of the Maslow scale, where they cannot think clearly and resort to desperate measures.  Basically, a suicide attack is a poor man’s weapon.

One who is able to rationalize would understand that suicide earns one a ticket to  HELL:   QURAN(4:29-30) O  ye who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities: but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good-will: nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you Most Merciful. (29) If any (one) does that in rancour and injustice,― soon shall We cast him into the Fire: and easy it is for Allah. (30)

Many media outlets have stated that those committing such acts are doing it for a quick ticket to heaven and the virgins awaiting them.   We need to examine the statistics and get to the root cause. Pape provides a good analysis of causes and prevention of suicide terrorism.   The Israeli General’s son offers a good perspective of the reasons behind suicide attacks.

Obama has been dropping drones on civilian populations in the hope of killing  extremists.   This has resulted  in the death of many children, especially in the tribal areas of Pakistan, known as Waziristan.    Women who have lost their husbands in the drone attacks are now going after the government targets who they perceive as supporting the US and blowing themselves up.    Instead of investing in the education and betterment of lives of women, which would have a positive global impact, we are investing in processes that turning girls into female suicide bombers!!   May God help us!!

I recently heard the American Ambassador to Pakistan give a speech at UCLA.   He said that the US is helping women in Pakistan through education.  He was bragging about the success of the drone program.  He claimed to have spoken to people on the ground and how they are applauding the drone strikes.  BAAAARF!!

I almost threw up at that dinner event!!.  I stood up and spoke the truth that the people on the ground there are terrorized by the noise of the familiar drones and suffer from PTSD and other Psychiatric disorders, wondering if their house/children are going to be next.  I asked the Ambassador how he would feel if his wife and kids get written off as “casualties” in the drone strikes, in our efforts to get rid of the bad guys in his neighborhood!!!!

36.   What type of sects exist in Islam?  Why are they fighting each other?

Sunni, and Shei comprise the major sects.  Sunni Muslims make up the majority (85%) of Muslims all over the world. Significant populations of Shei Muslims can be found in Iran and Iraq, and large minority communities in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, and Lebanon.

Prophet Muhammad was neither Sunni nor Shei.   Tranmissions from God to mankind, via Angel Gabriel came to a halt after the Prophet’s death.   Since he was  God’s final last messenger,   the world would receive no more. The prophet left no instructions on how to continue with God’s divine plan, thus  Political control over the Muslim Ummah (Nation) commenced the differences.   Some believed that the leaders of the Muslim faith should be those of the Prophet’s lineage, like Ali and Ali’s sons.  They called themselves the Shei party.  Others believed that since the Prophet left no such instructions, that any one of his well-informed companions may lead, like Abu Bakr, Umar, or Uthman.  They call themselves the Sunni party.  Therefore, the four people who lead the Muslims, after the Prophet’s death comprised the chronological order:

1.  Abu Bakr- Prophet’s Companion and Father-in-law

2.  Umar- Prophet’s Companion and Father-in-law

3.  Uthman- Prophet’s Son-in-law

4.  Ali- Prophet’s cousin (son of Uncle Abu Talib),  and Son-in-law

It is important to note that none of the four men claimed to belong to either party.   Their followers however made such claims.  The last three leaders above were assassinated.  After that, central leadership of the Muslim nation continued for few centuries.  Now, there exists no central leader, nor a central Church (Mosque)  as such.

Although, both groups follow the same basic teachings of the Quran, the Sheis have added in rituals which the Sunnis  ABHOR.  For example, the Sheis commemorate the death of Ali and his sons by causing self-inflicted wounds.     Similarly, the Catholics and Protestants exemplify how divergence of opinions leads to conflicts.   Many lands have experienced the violence stemming from the feuding denominations of Christianity and Islam.    In Iraq, the Shei/Sunni conflict has escalated to a high degree. The social and economic conditions fueled by the Political struggle for control have worsened the fighting.    MEDIATION IS NEEDED!!

Dr. Shabir Ally has an interesting perspective.

Most Muslims do not distinguish themselves by claiming membership in any particular group, but prefer to call themselves simply, “Muslims.”

37a.  Muslim terrorists justify their actions by their interpretations of the Qur’an.  If, as you say the Qur’an doesn’t condone terrorism, why doesn’t the “church” banish or expel the  terrorists?  Or why don’t they publically discredit them, rather than keep mum about it?

In Islam, there is NO central Church or central figure, like the Pope.  Therefore, no one has authority to banish anyone from anywhere.   Many Imams have issued orders (Fatwas) against the perpetrators.    NUMEROUS leaders have voiced their anger.  The media displays actions that increase ratings.  Criminal activity and vociferous ravings of the small percentage of extremists is what generates revenues for the Radio/TV/Newspaper companies, not the actions of the majority of the Muslims, who strive to live a morally-decent existence.

For example, threats of Quran Burnings by the extremist Pastor Terry Jones, echoed all over the world.  Practically no one heard the voices of regular practicing Christians, who labeled the behavior as despicable.  News of Priests’ molestation of children sells papers, NOT the opposition of the respectable Catholics, who condemn the acts.   I am working with Mediators Beyond Borders, and Rotary International to help bring about World Peace.   Give us suggestions on what we can do together to resolve this issue.

I am not responsible for the Muslim Nuts anymore than you are responsible for the Christian Nuts:  Timothy McVeigh was raised as a Catholic.  Anders Breivick from Norway killed 93 people.  He felt threatened by Muslims, who he perceived as outnumbering his fellow Christians. 

37b.  What have you personally done to STOP the atrocities committed by Muslims?   How can we help you in the process?

a.  I fought to free Meriam, the Sudanese Woman.

b.  I am fighting against ISIS.

c.   The  Heads of the Mosque had kicked out the Boston Brothers for bizarre behavior.

d.  In fact, the FBI had planted extremists into Mosques in the hopes of recruiting the same.  It was the Muslim community members who called the FBI to report the same individuals that the FBI themselves had planted.  This created distrust in the Muslim community against the agencies and other community members at large.   The officials then came and apologized and they want to work WITH us.

If one wants peace, then one must work WITH us Muslims.

37c.  What about the Quranic verse promoting the Beheadings:

“When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast the fetters.” This doesn’t sound like merely “fighting back.”

Let’s examine the context:

The Meccan era was a SEVERE era of persecution.  Prophet Muhammad always stopped people from fighting back.  He stopped followers from taking any revenge.  Even after migrating to Medina to escape the persecution, the
Meccans were constantly harassing and looting the caravans and killing the
believers.  This verse came down  before Battle of Badr.  It says to Fight back against those who are persecuting constantly you, BUT within LIMITS.  If
God wills, He would have wiped them out Himself.  Instead he wants to test those of you who will stand up for his cause.  He will help you here and reward you in the hereafter. 

(Soldiers are given orders to kill by breaking the necks of the enemies.  i.e.  break their strength.  Those soldiers who lost their lives will be rewarded in the hereafter.)

Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks until, when ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterward either grace or ransom till the war lay down its burdens. That (is the ordinance). And if Allah willed He could have punished them (without you) but (thus it is ordained) that He may try some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the way of Allah, He rendereth not their actions vain. (47:4)

Fighting is mandated ONLY for the purposes of self-defense against persecution.  ISIS and others who use religion to forward their own political agenda of control do NOT represent me!!   That is why I am fighting them.

Those who follow the EVIL teachings of the Scofield Bible are no different than groups like ISIS.  In fact, the Scofield Bible is widely used and the followers have MUCH control in the political processes that have led to pre-emptive wars and sanctions against others leading to the death of 500K children in Iraq and destruction across the globe in order to bring about the Battle of Armageddon.  These people are far more dangerous than ISIS or anyone else.


37b.  What has initiated the conception of ISIS?

ISIS has  filled a vacuum in Iraq AFTER Anglo-Americans have caused the death of around 1M Iraqis, especially children during the sanctions.  Then again Anglo-American leaders killed another 1M Iraqis in the 2003+ invasion.   ISIS are extreme fundamentalists who were even rejected by Al-Qaeda.  We Americans have been providing ammunition for ISIS as our allies in Syria and simultaneously bombing them in Iraq.   I think our leader are the ones who are screwed up.

38. Is the Islam Sabbath day Friday?     Do all Muslims observe it?

GOD had given the command of Sabbath to the offspring of Prophet Jacob (Israel), though Prophet Moses in the previous scriptures.   But God has eased up on that requirement for the rest of us.   Only HE knows the reasons for HIS actions!!

Fridays are holy days for Muslims.   Men are required to make the afternoon prayer in congregation, followed by the sermon, at the Mosques.    For women, praying at the Mosque in congregation is Optional.

There is a big difference between what an individual is supposed to do, and what he/she actually does.    Many Muslims do not observe the Friday prayers.   Many Muslims do not actually follow the five pillars, although they are supposed to.   Many Muslims lie, cheat, steal, and beat their wives, eventhough they are NOT supposed to.   Anyone who claims that there is only one GOD, and Muahmmad is HIS last messenger, is a MUSLIM.   Being a Muslim, does NOT guarantee one salvation, in the way that other religions guarantee salvation by simply believing in a Savior.

39.   Why are there such horrific “HONOR KILLINGS”  among Muslims?

I have seen Hindu and Muslim families living in England, who get their young daughters engaged to men back home in India.  Family honor and ties to traditional views are top priority for these individuals.   In fact, these aspects take precedence over all else.   They feel that life is not worth living in the absence of family honor, which defines their sense of dignity or well-being. They feel immesely threatened by action conflicting with the viewpoint.  They act on the fear, whether it is perceived or real.   Facing Allah for the consequences for killing, on Judgment Day is NOT their immediate/imminent concern.  The immediate concern is to save face from having being shamed by your daughter, who may have had sexual relations with a boyfriend.    The question is why do they feel more shame when their daughter engages in these acts when God has set the same punishment for both sexes?    In order to understand their actions, we need to get inside their heads and see what makes them tick.   Then only we can explore solutions.    The book,  The Thistle and the Drone,  provides good insight into the everyday aspects of tribal life, which drives people into performing honor killings.   Prophet Muhammad himself was born into a society which stressed tribal honor and the violence that corresponds with it.    In  fact, his favorite Uncle, Abu Talib, refused to accept the Prophet’s message because of  tribal honor and loyalty to the religion of their ancestors.  Although Muhammad, pbuh,  had addressed the chronic problem in his society, it still exists in tribal areas today, where people live marginally along the periphery of societies.  May Allah help us find solutions, it is our Jihad to stop this type of madness…  

“Honor Killings” as well as abortions are categorized as murder according to Islam, for which one awaits severe consequences on Judgment Day.   Muslims who engage in these acts obviously feel that life is cheap and they move forward in order to fulfill their immediate need of honor, since the consequences of facing God down the road on Judgement Day are not of immediate concern.

40 In certain Muslim countries, women are denied education.  They are also denied the privelege of driving.   Is this correct according to Sharia?

Prophet said  seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.  This aplies to all men and women.  Those who deny women education are ignorant themselves.   Women should be allowed to drive and move around.     Most Islamic countries recognize that and provide safe roadways and conditions.   Those countries that disallow this privelege need to work  on improving the local conditions.

My aunt worked as a Physician in Saudi Arabia.  She said that they treated her well.  She complained though that she had to hire a male-driver and wished that they would make the roadways safe for women.   The traffic is out of control and my Uncle struck a pedestrian.  My Uncle was then imprisoned without a trial.  Like I said, things have to change before women can attain the privilege of driving.

 41. What is the Islamic perpective on Birth Control?

      Prophet said whoever Allah wishes to be born, he/she WILL be born.
Hence the use of Birth Control was not stopped.
However the consensus of Muslim scholars declared contraceptives permissible subject to three conditions:

  1. As offspring are the right of both the husband and the wife, the birth control method should be used with both parties’ consent.
  2. The method should not cause permanent sterility.
  3. The method should not otherwise harm the body.

 43.   What about Abortion?

          Allah forbids abortion in the Quran. (Do not kill your children for fear of poverty for it is We who shall provide sustenance for you as well as for them.” (Surah Al-An’am, 6:151)
Abortion is permissible only if continuing the pregnancy poses a risk to the mother’s life. Mother’s life is given precedence in such cases.

 44.  You fast from Sunrise to Sunset for 30 days during the month of    Ramadan.    It seems that this is harsh.  How do you do it?

We have an early breakfast before Surise.   We have to refrain from all food, water, and sexual relations until Suset.  It takes willpower.  It takes patience.  One becomes more compassionate for the hungry around the world.    We have to fast from back-biting, temper, hypocrisy, hautiness, idleness, and our basic desires and instincts.   It is self-discipline that should hopefully continue Post-Ramadan.

45.   Why does female circumcision take place in Islamic countries?

This barbaric-ancient act is performed on both Muslim and Christian girls in Egypt and Sudan, but is extremely rare in most of the rest of the Arab world.  The roots originate from Tribalism.   It is also common in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.  It is an African practice that it NOT found in the Quran.

 The practice is often viewed as a way to protect their chastity.  It involves cutting off part or all of the clitoris and other female genitalia, sometimes by a doctor but also often by a relative or midwives. Side effects can include haemorrhage, shock and sexual dysfunction   Neither the Quran nor the Bible demand or mention female circumcision.   This is an example of  the  influence of culture of the land,  and how it can supercede religious teachings.  Prophet Muhammad had inherited a society, in which infanticide of girls and other abuses against women were prevalent.  In her book, Muhammad, Karen Armstrong observes that Muhammad made “extraordinary” advances for women.

Click here to see what Scholar Reza Aslan has to say about it.

I personally do not know anyone who has had it done.  Thank God.  Due to public outcry, I think this problem has been alleviated to a great extent.  NOW, let us work together to ELMINATE it just as we are working together to eliminate polio.

46.  Sura 9:5 in the Quran says “Kill the idolaters, where you find them…”   How do you explain that?

Muhammad was born into a family and clan of idol worshippers.  His tribe, the Quresh, controlled the commerce around the Kaba.

The Kaba was built by Prophets Abraham and Ishmael for the purposes of worshiping the  ONE and ONLY God of Abraham. 

Over a period of 2K+ years, the Kaba became the center of commerce of Pagan worshippers.  It housed MANY idols  of ALL sorts.  Many people from all over came to pay homage to their personal gods.   Mohammad then started preaching about the ONE and ONLY God of Abraham to the locals.   This undermined the livelihood of Quresh and his OWN family members turned against him.   He and his followers escaped persecution by migrating to Medina.  Nine years later, God commanded him to re-instate the Kaba for its original purpose that HE had prescribed under Abraham.  Muhammad then returned to Mecca and crushed all the idols and brought back monotheism.  Verse (9:5) came down on the Battlefield at that time, when Muhammad was given orders to cleanse Mecca.  Pagans had to convert in that area of the Kaba or leave, this even included  Muhammad’s Pagan family members too.

(9:5) does  NOT serve as permission to kill Non-Muslims.   For example, if US is at war with Vietnam and the US President gives orders to the soldiers to “kill the Vietnamese where you find them,” it does NOT mean that outside of the battlefield we Americans have the right to kill Vietnamese where we find them!!!


47.  ISIS members are raping Christian women!!   How dare you defend your religion!!  How do you defend such horrific atrocities?

I pray for ALL victims of rape.    May God help the victims to carry on a normal life with dignity.   Rape has been used as a weapon in war for centuries.   In the Indian state of Gujrat, MANY upper-caste Hindu men brutally raped the lower caste women. During the Rwandan genocide in the nineties, each side was Christian.  Nuns, priests, and teachers contributed to the violence.  Many Christian men raped the women  brutally.  Aside from Rwanda, the genocide in Bosnia provides another example.  I just met with an official from the US State Department, who resides in Bosnia.   He indicated to me how the stench of the genocide still exists over there.  Christian Serbs had brutally raped and impregnated MANY Bosnian Muslim women.   If Muslim men are also engaging in rapes, may PUNISH THEM!!

To answer the question, I certainly do NOT defend rapes.  May Allah bring ANY and ALL perpetrators to justice, regardless of their religion, or lack of it!

48.  Muslims are taught to lie to advance their cause.  This is called taqyiya.  Please explain.

I had honestly never heard that word before until I started engaging on Zionists’ blogs.  Then when I started blogging, people said that I was lying and that my religion teaches me to deceive them.   I asked around in all the Muslim circles if anyone had heard the word  taqyiya and no one had.   Misrepresenting the words of God is a big offense.  Then, Tim Brown, a Zionist author, brought up several verses in the Quran, which he claimed, preach deceit.   A common verse that most of the bloggers bring up constantly to support his claim is (3:54):

Qur’an (3:54)

– “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them):
and Allah is the best of schemers.” The Arabic word used here for scheme
(or plot) is makara, which literally means ‘deceit’. If Allah is supremely
deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that
Muslims are allowed to do the same.

Above is the Zionists’ translation of the verse from Arabic.  This is how they claim that Muslims are taught to deceive people.   NOW, let us take an in-depth look at this verse with the correct translation of Arabic:

“And (then unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too
planned, and the best of planners is Allah. “(54)

(This is referring to the Jews who were planning to kill Jesus, posing false accusations of sorcery and wizardry against him.   Allah also planned ahead of them and SAVED his messenger, Jesus.   Neither the Jews nor the Romans killed the Almighty messenger of God. Jesus was raptured, taken straight up into Heaven, and he will be returning again. There was an imposter on the cross.)

Like I said, when I challenged people to prove taqiya, that I am supposed to lie to them, they always seem to bring up this verse, which is regarding God SAVING Jesus, from a humiliating death!!  HOW DOES THIS VERSE TEACH ME TO DECEIVE OTHERS?     Someone, PLEASE explain how they get Taqiya out of it??? 

49.   Jesus is my SAVIOR.  He is God in human form, who came to earth, to redeem us from our sins.  What is the Islamic perspective on Jesus?

Jesus is the Almighty messenger of God.  God enabled him to perform many miracles that the Christians never even heard of.   Muslims believe that he was born of a virgin.  Muslims believe in his second coming.   God created Jesus without a father.  God created Adam without a mother nor a father.  God, the creator and sustainer of the Universe has the ability to as HE pleases.

Here is a Quranic verse (2:253) regarding Jesus:

Those messengers We endowed with gifts some above others: to one of them Allah spoke; others He raised to degrees (of honour); to Jesus the son of Mary We gave clear (Signs) and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. If Allah had so willed, succeeding generations would not have fought among each other, after clear (Signs) had come to them, but they (chose) to wrangle, some believing and others rejecting. If Allah had so willed they would not have fought each other; but Allah fulfilleth His plan. (253)

(This verse says that God gave some of HIS messengers more power than others. Jesus was ONE special one.  There are many verses relating to Jesus and his virgin mother in the Quran.  God created him without a father.  God created Adam without a mother nor father.  God the creator and sustainer of the Universe certainly has the technology to do as HE pleases.)

In the  Book of Mark, Jesus is considered a teacher, Rabbi, a source of information, i.e. a Prophet of God. 

In the Book of  John, Jesus is God incarnate. (Consistent with the Hindu god Krishna who came to earth in human form!!)
When the bishops voted at the Council of Nicaea, the Book of John almost did not make it in.  The same situation existed with the Book of Revelations.  I believe that some other books, which CORRECTLY depicted the true identity of Jesus Christ were burnt in the Library of Alexandria, in  the  latter part of the 3rd century, prior to the meeting of the Council of Nicaea.  (People burnt books which were inconsistent with their own views.)

50.  Verses (2:190-192) –  COMPLAINT-  Quran commands Offense in warfare:   Muslims have to fight the non-believers until Allah alone is worshipped.

Wars and fighting have taken place since the beginning of time.  Prior to Muhammad’s time, in Arab culture, like everywhere else, fighting took place for the sake of accumulating wealth and resources at the expense of others.   We cannot simply write off the warring factions as barbaric since our own society engages in them currently.   For example, we engage in pre-emptive wars for the purposes of controlling another’s oil fields and justify our actions using any excuse possible and slaying millions in the process.  We regularly engage in taking over the land of others while displacing and slaying the natives.   Look at what we have done to native Americans, Palestinians and others.  Most of us consider nothing wrong with our practices and we simply reward ourselves with  the “war booty.”

These Quranic verses, HOWEVER,  do NOT promote fighting to expand territories nor to control assets  of others.  These verses provide direction in the event of religious persecution. 

Angel Gabriel brought down these verses to Prophet Muhammad, right after he migrated to Medina, with his followers to escape religious persecution in Mecca.  Even after the migration, the Meccans still caused problems for the believers and continually prevented the Muslims from practicing their religion.  Until this point, the prior verses kept saying to exercise patience with those who oppress you.   But now God gives permission to DEFEND yourself against those who fight you.   Fight them until they stop persecuting you.  In the fight if they do NOT surrender, then slay them.  If not they will slay you or make you surrender your religion.  Warring is BAD, but persecution is worse.  If they become believers, then forgive the oppressors for their previous persecution and spare their lives.   One must not go to excesses, while seeking revenge.     Revenge is allowed on them ONLY to the extend they have harmed you.   Based on this verse, I believe that Muslims should have organized and warred against King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, for their rights to practice Islam.  Those Muslims who would have died in the processas martyrs would have received their reward in Heaven.

Here are exact verses:

“Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not aggressors. (190) And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of Worship until they first attack you there, but if they attack you (there) then slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers. (191) But if they desist, then lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (192)”

51.  Islam allows sex with one’s wives and with those who the “right hand possesses.”   This category can mean slaves.  This has confused many Muslims.  Anti-Muslims have had a field day with this.  I have written an essay on the subject after doing research.  I would like you to read and provide feedback please.

Click here to read an article by Anti-Muslim author Onan Coca on this subject.

Click here to read my response.   Hope you find it enlightening.  Please let me know what you think.

52.  The execution-style of the three MUSLIM  students at Chapel Hill and the environment of hate warrants a moment of national reflection: What is it that we are doing to create such a toxic atmosphere? Where does this anti-Muslim sentiment stem from? Who are the individuals and groups who are peddling this hate?

I saw this question on the news.  I know exactly who is fueling it.   HERE are some HATE-MONGER websites and my experience in dealing with them:

a.   Vision to America–   They have never posted ANY of my comments.

b.  Freedom Outpost–  They constantly run Anti-Muslim articles and especially about Muslim women and how we are oppressed.  They continually express their need to “rescue” us.   Then, when I started blogging, they simply could not handle the truth.  They let me blog for a year though.  Now they have banned me and deleted my comments.

c.  Eagle Rising–   They let me blog comments for 10 months.  Then, suddenly the screen would start to shake, EVERYTIME, I started typing my comments.   Then after 10 months, I was officially banned and my comments removed.

d. Political Outcast– Safe thus far.

What all these sites have in common is painting people like me as sub-human, monsters.   Taqiya is their favorite term.   They preach that Muslims are taught to lie and even my gender has come into question.    Here is what one blogger wrote: 

“I’ve done some research on Esma Ali and I’m convinced
she knows full well the truth concerning islam. She is evil,
please don’t trust anything she says.”

How else can you sell to the world that it is OKAY to kill and displace 750K people from their homes using WMDs and bulldozers.  How else can you explain away the pre-emptive wars and drone strikes killing innocents?

Here is what another Blogger wrote:

Now you have done it.  Well up until this point I had respect for you. But unfortunate that just went to the bottom of my list.  What Israeli atrocities?  You of course must speaking of those downtrodden Palestinians at the hands of the Jews.  If the Palestinians want peace, then show the Israelis you want peace. But the Pales don’t want peace. They want Jerusalem. That will never happen, ever! They are not entitled to anything associated with Israel!  Esma, I would DIE defending Israel from the HAMAS Muslims Palestinians.  I have NO sympathy what so ever for the Pales!  They are dogs!  I knew you would show your true colors, sooner or later!

Perhaps the son of the Israeli General can convince the Blogger otherwise!!

Muslims are NOT the only ones suffering at the hands of Israel.  Many Christians suffer as well.  Gaza comprises of the BIGGEST concentration camp, which has 2M people trapped within the apartheid WALL.

52.   If you could be the one making the final decision, regarding Israel, what would it be?

I  do NOT know..  I just went to a Rotary Peace Conference a few days back.  This was the topic!!!

Norman Finklestein was a panelist.  Dr. Laila Almaryit, a Palestinian Muslim woman was also a panelist.  There were others panelists there too but I cannot remember their names. One question written by an audience member on a card was addressed to one of the individuals on the panel.  The questioner asked if Palestine ever even existed since most Palestinians were just Jordanians to begin with.  The Panelist responded that Palestine most CLEARLY existed and that Israel kept taking away more and more land form the natives.

Then, Dr. Laila intervened and said that she found it interesting how that question was NOT addressed to the Palestinian on the Panel!!   Her family home has been bulldozed.  Aside from physical property, she said that culture has been taken away  and that she has been marginalized like she does NOT exist!!  She is treated like a nobody!!   She said that some doctor at the hospital where she works  told her that her people in Palestine who have been there for centuries do NOT even have the right to be there!!!  In other words they should be on the list of EXTINCT species.!!!!

I put  this comment on a blog site and  here is a response:

“They shoud be….and their lands turned into a Giant Glass Factory!!”

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for dropping in.  Hope you enjoyed reading my Q/A.  I want to let you know that I have been banned as a commenter on certain websites, I believe that they are owned and run by Fundamentalists/Zionists.  You can see my “BANNED” comments still:

They are Hate-mongers.   Here they are:

a.   Vision to America-   They have never posted ANY of my comments.

b.  FREEDOM Outpost-   They constantly ran articles fighting for their FREEDOM to draw cartons and ridicule Prophet Muhammad.  Then, when I started commenting on their articles.  They could NOT handle it.   They refuse to recognize my FREEDOM to express my opinion which opposes theirs.  They let me blog for 12 months before banning me.

c.  Eagle Rising-   They let me blog comments for 10 months.  Then, suddenly the screen would start to shake, EVERYTIME, I started typing my comments.   Then after 10 months, I was officially banned and my comments removed.

d. Political Outcast-  Here I am safe to comment thus far.

Regarding the top three websites, their names are so misleading.  They present themselves as patriots when in reality their actions are leading to the downfall of the US in the eyes of the global society.  They are racists and fascists.   By banning me they have displayed their  bigotry for the world to see.  I request you the visitor to make up your mind about me.  Here is what one commenter wrote about me:

“I’ve done some research on Esma Ali and I’m convinced
she knows full well the truth concerning islam. She is evil,
please don’t trust anything she says.”


46 Responses to Islam Q/A

  1. Thomas Hutchinson

    I’ve heard so much that’s contradictory to everything you’ve said above. I don’t for a minute believe that all muslims are terrorists. I’ve met many since 9/11 (including you) that I’d love to be friends with, just haven’t had a chance. I’m looking forward to taking your class, Intro. to Islam. I’ve wanted to do this since, well, 9/18. I’m looking forward to learning from your class.

  2. This is so helpful. How wrongly Islam is portrayed, not only by the media, but also by our fundamentalist Christian brothers and sisters. Thank you for taking the time to help us understand. I hope that there is an equally open and informative representative from other traditions amongst Muslims as well.

  3. Sam,
    Thanks for your input. I welcome ALL your questions. Before starting this class, I have practiced in front of many people of different faiths, including Christians. No one felt offended when I pointed out the differences. Islam believes in the revelation that God gave to Moses, which was then continued through Jesus, and completed with Muhammad. I cannot be a true Muslim, if I do not believe in Jesus. But the facts are that the ORIGINAL messages do NOT exist today. The original languages do not exist. We ONLY have fabrications and translations. We have many editions and versions, for example the King James version, created in 1661, based on a Greek text. Then revised many times. Then, we have the Jerusalem Bible (1966);
    The New English Bible (1970);
    The Living Bible (1971); ,
    The New International Version… I wanted to make sure that I present Islam correctly, without putting down other faiths. My purpose is to teach Islam, and not get into debates. I recommend that you watch debates between scholars: Muslim and Christian Scholars, for more information.

  4. What do muslims think of homosexuality?

    • Homosexuality is a sin according to Islam. It never existed on Earth until the time of Prophet Lot. His city of Sodom was destroyed because of God’s anger.

    • Do you advocate criminalizing all sin or only some sins?

      We don’t criminalize sin in the West, per se. Murder, theft, perjury, yes. Lust, greed, lying, no. You’re free to believe anything’s a sin— from masturbation to the wearing of bikinis. You’re just not free to impose that belief on those who don’t share it. Nor should you be.

      • Steve, I agree that Murder, theft, etc should be criminalized. Other acts like how one behaves morally or dresses is between one and his/her creator. The society should not criminalize these acts.

      • I agree that sin is between one and his/her creator. For example, Apostasy is a sin, according to Islam. But it is NOT a criminal act nor does anyone have the right to punish the apostate. Some places like Sudan do just that claiming that religion tells them to kill the apostate, when there is no such ruling according to the doctrines of Islam. FYI- I fought for the rights of Meriam Ibraham.

  5. Thank you for your reply. Christians believe the same thing (real Christians). I am curious why you think Obama’s policies are good, when he is insisting that homosexuality and transgenderism are normal, natural, and healthy.

    • Ellie,

      Sorry about the late reply. People assume that Muslims worship Obama, just because he may have had a Muslim parent at one time. Many Muslims are unhappy with him, especially for the drone warfare and for promoting homosexuality, transgenders, etc.

  6. I’m glad I read your Q&A page it gave me great insight into the Muslim religion. What we Westerners perceive of Islam is from the actions of those of the Muslim faith that do not live their religion according to the Koran. It’s a shame that the actions of the extremist Muslims taint the view that we have of all Muslims. You say that you are working with several organizations to out these extremists to their Muslim brothers and sisters that do not kill, rape, and maim women and others outside their religion. Since there is no Pope from which edicts and condemnation can come perhaps the Imams that are against these terrible acts can become more vocal and visible to the public. I have to admit that I’m guilty of perceiving all Muslims as violent and uncivilized. Even though I have been wrong about Muslims as a whole I still pray for the Muslims that are extremists. God can work miracles. If enough people pray that these misguided souls can be enlightened and seek peace it can happen. Maybe working through the Rotary you can organize a day of prayer held by Christians and Muslims together. If this can be done on an international level with prominent preachers, priests, and Imams it might get enough media attention to quell the hate that is all too prevalent in this world. It sounds to me that many Muslims aren’t educated about their own religion and this might get that started.

    • Thanks for your comments. As you can see I am certainly engaging with many Churches and other organizations to achieve peace. There is NO compulsion in religion.
      The key to peace is developing mutual trust. What you can work on with your organizations is to NOT isolate Muslims. In isolating Muslims, you will lose a great resource.
      The Imam threw out the Boston brothers, in the Mosque they attended:
      Also, the FBI has purposefully planted “extremists” in the Mosques in the hope of recruiting others. As a result, the Mosque congregants were the ones to call the FBI to report those who were planted. Again, if you isolate us, the loss will be yours.

  7. While I appreciate you attempts to educate people on Islam, you have many aspects of biblical truth wrong, and even call Christ a liar when you simply call Him a prophet. He stated He was far more than that, so who do we believe? If there is no other name under heaven that will save mankind, other than Jesus, all other names are irrelevant. The same God cannot be the author of this type of confusion.

    • Thank you for your comment. I truly believe that the Bible does NOT represent the original message of Jesus. The Bible has changed over time.
      We are NOT going to agree so let us leave it at that.
      Thank you again for your comment.

  8. esmaali wrote, above — Prophet Muhammed recited the verses, memorized them and had them written down, as they came. He, himself was illiterate. The revelations came to him from time to time, in bits and pieces, thus giving him time to swallow each piece, during the last twenty-three years of his life. Since then, there have been no additions or subtractions. The Qur’an has been well-preserved in its original form, in Arabic, a language that is still alive today. It was canonized 20 years after the death of the Prophet, by his son-in-law, Uthman.


    This is a chart list that shows the different Arabic versions of the Qur’an and the areas of usage.

    Copy this list, for your records, dear reader, so that you know there are actually 10 different Muslim readers / scholars of the 7th century and on / that all support the modern-day Koran and its various translations.


    READER (TRANSMITTERS) — areas of usage
    Nafi (Warsh, Qalun) — West Africa, North Africa, Sudan, Qatar
    Ibn Kathir (al-Bazzi, Qunbul) — Muslim world in general
    Abu Amr Al-Ala (al-Duri, al-Suri) — Sudan, West Africa
    Ibn Amir (Hisham, Ibn Dhakwan) — Parts of Yemin
    Hamzah (Khalaf, Khallad) — Muslim world in general
    Abu Bakhr Asim (Hafs, Ibn Ayyash) — Muslim world in general
    al-Kisai (al-Duri, Abul-Harith) — Muslim world in general

    READER (TRANSMITTERS) — areas of usage
    Abu Jafar (Ibn Wardan, Ibn Jamaz) — Muslim world in general
    Yaqub Al-Hashimi (Ruways, RAwh) — Muslim world in general
    Khalif al-Bazzar (Ishaq, Idris al-Haddad) — Muslim world in general

    This table (c) Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi, An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur’aan, p. 199.

    This means there are 10 different versions of the Qur’an in Arabic (not English).

    This means there are multiple versions of the Arabic Qur’an — not just one.

    If a Muslim — any Muslim — if a Mullah or Imam tells you any different — if a Muslim tells you that there is only one Arabic version of the Qur’an?

    They are lying to you. They are trying to deceive you.

    The truth is that there are many different Arabic versions of the Qur’an.

    • Mark,
      Forgive me for the late response. There are different versions of Arabic used in the Quran, especially to accommodated for different ethnic accents of Non-Arabic people like me, who need extra help in getting to the correct pronunciation in comparison to an Arabic speaker/reader.
      Here is a History Professor in Hawaii.
      He explains well the different scripts:

  9. shalom
    you say that you do not believe the Bible doesn’t represent the original message of JESUS and that the Bible has changed over time.
    so now could plz tell me what the original message of JESUS CHRIST where and can you produce the original manuscripts of that messages, according to muhammad and his god the messages of JESUS CHRIST would be how many lines not hardly worth writing a book abt, oh yeah could plz tell me in what year and by whom have the Bible been as you say changed? plz a name and a year would be nice and also produce the original manuscripts from the year before and after the changed this so-called took place,

    • Maim,
      Forgive me for the late reply.
      There were people in the first century who saw Jesus Christ, for he really is, the Almighty messenger of God. Paul crushed them. He then sold his own version of Pauline Christianity. Then the Greeks, who had much influence back then simply could NOT accept an abstract concept of God. They had the need to DEFINE everything. Therefore, they came up with Trinity, the godhead. Then in 328, the Council of Nicaea to voted on what should go into the canon. They voted in what THEY FELT was inspired. This method is SUBJECTIVE. Then they voted in based on POPULARITY, as if that corresponds with correctness!! The Book of John, with its UNKNOWN author ALMOST did not make it in. Same situation with the Book of Revelations, which is a series of letters written by John Patmost. He stressed Armageddon and other views which did not coincide with the whims and fancies of the Council. In conclusion, the Bible is a man-made book. The Quran is God’s FINAL testament to mankind. It is un-edited and word for word the WORD of God sent to Prophet Muhammad via Angel Gabriel.

  10. I came across your site because I followed a link to a fear-mongering article that I was hate-reading. I just want to THANK YOU for your hard work on this FAQ. I truly appreciate and admire your thoroughness and the fact that you reached out to people to enlighten them. You are a beautiful person! As a Christian Arab, kul 3am w ente bi kheir!

  11. how do you explain all the murdering ways of Isis, Muslim brotherhood, and other Muslim organizations, they claim they follow the prophet Mohammad. the med east and the world suffers at the hands of these people for there suicide bombers and murders in this prophets name. they spawned the crusades in times past,. how can murdering anyone who is not Muslim be a good thing.

  12. “A number of erroneous views have been stated regarding the [Nicean] council’s role in establishing the biblical canon. In fact, there is no record of any discussion of the biblical canon at the council at all.”

    See: Ehrman, Bart (2004), Truth and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-1-28084-545-1

    • Steve,
      There most certainly is a record of the meeting of the Council of Nicaea. You should see the minutes. The Book of John, with its unknown author almost did NOT make it. Book of Revelation, written by John Patmost, almost did NOT make it in either. In fact, you should read some of the material that they rejected.
      In the first century, there were people who correctly recognized Jesus as a Prophet of God. They got crushed. Many of the writings got burnt in the Library of Alexandria, for fear of corruption, prior to the meeting of the Council of Nicaea.

  13. Your comments mirror an Early History of the Syrian Christian Church regarding Muhammad’s treatment of Christians during his life and after. This did not change until the arrival of Asian Muslims who destroyed the Arab caliphates and killed the Arab Muslims and began to persecute the Christians in their conquered lands. I would love to find an accurate translation of the Quran into English. Do you know of a source?

  14. 1) So is homosexuality like murder and theft?

    2) That the Council of Nicea took place, or that there’s a record of what transpired, was never in question. What IS in question is whether they addressed what books were canonical. There’s no evidence they did. If you think there was, why not cite a source for it? I’ll start here:

    • Steve,
      1. Homosexuality is a sin. I do not see it as a crime.

      2. During the Council of Nicea in 325, numerous Bishops stated that the Gospel of John was not in line with the other Gospels, according to the notes of Athanasius. However, the Council of Nicaea was NOT the final meeting that put an official stamp of approval on the canon of New Testament writings. It was the gathering that set the tone and further meetings which more or less affirmed what had been done in 325 CE.

  15. Aside from considering it a sin, doesn’t Sharia also consider it a crime? One punishable by death?

    Still not sure what your source is… You wrote, “In fact, you should read some of the material that they [Nicean Council] rejected.” Okay. Which?

    • Let us focus on Homosexuality. One Christian blogger wrote this on Eagle Rising:

      “Christians attempting to share freedom with those whom Yahweh condemns as capital criminals. “We demand equal rights with homosexuals!” There’s something wrong with this picture!”

      Now, Islamic response is that Homosexuality, Apostasy, and Adultery are SINS between one and his/her CREATOR, who has promised SEVERE consequences in the Hereafter. As long as one keeps his/her behavior to oneself, society should NOT criminalize and punish the behavior.

      Islamic rule says that if one exhibits the behavior publicly and grotesquely thus glamourizing the sin for the detriment of others in society, and exemplifying the behavior as fashionable to be mimicked, then Sharia calls for punishment.

      a. An adulteress woman approached Prophet Muhammad and confessed her sins. There is no concept of Confession in Islam as such and he told her to go away and pray to God for forgiveness. She then approached him again and again and asked to be cleansed of the sin by paying for it NOW so that she will NOT have to face consequences in the hereafter. Thus he stoned her.

      b. Now let us discuss how the punishment for homosexuality, apostasy, and adultery displays itself in the Muslim-majority countries. If the countries were to follow Sharia correctly, then a fair trial with proper reliable witnesses has to take place with DUE Process. THIS IS SEVERELY LACKING. THERE IS MUCH CORRUPTION TAKING PLACE INCLUDING BRIBERY, ETC. There is NO country on earth today that is practicing Islamic Sharia correctly, the way God prescribed.
      For example if stoning is prescribed for adultery, then BOTH the male and female should be stoned. This rarely occurs, the female is the one who society finds convenient to punish!! This is plain INJUSTICE and has to stopped. It is our Jihad to stand up against injustice as such.

  16. However much I might disagree with it, first I want to thank you for giving me your honest opinion and doing so congenially…

    So let me see if I understand you correctly: If I, as a gay man, who lives his life with his husband honestly and openly, were to be accused of being ‘a practicing homosexual’, and two witnesses were to affirm they observed said behavior, and I refused to deny it, in a country “practicing Islamic Sharia correctly,” I’d be condemned to death? And if I were once a devout Muslim, but converted to Christianity and refused to recant, I’d be condemned to death? If so, what’s “fair” about a trial— even if it involved two witnesses and “due process” — if the charges are matters that oughtn’t concern anyone but the persons involved? To decry the INJUSTICE of stoning adulterers—- because ONLY the woman is stoned, but not the man—- would seem ludicrous to most Americans, and I say rightly so. The punishment far outweighing the crime is what’s unjust. The authorities insinuating themselves into a person’s religious beliefs or sexual habits is what’s unjust. That is my jihad.

    Fringe groups, like the ‘grotesque’ fundamentalist Christians you referenced, who advocate the death penalty for homosexuals, won’t see their agenda adopted by this government. The separation of Church and State precludes it, and is so deeply rooted that America that would cease to exist in its current form if the government did so. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

    Here anyone’s free to believe in and worship any god they choose, and follow his/her/its dictates as they understand them— just so long as they don’t infringe on the rights of others. They’re even free to worship no god at all. But they AREN’T free to impose those dictates on people who don’t share them. Or enlist the government to impose it on others for them. It’s this freedom that allows YOU to practice your faith here unimpeded. I hope you can see that the best way to insure the continuance of that freedom is supporting a governmental system that extends that very same right to others.

    • It is my duty as a Muslim, to teach CORRECTLY what the Islamic concept says regarding anything. Convincing you of the correctness is NOT my job.

      1.If you are a gay man living with your husband practicing your lifestyle in your home is NOBODY else’s business except yours. It is a sin for which you have would have to answer for on Judgment Day. God has wiped out towns of Sodom and Gomorrah for this deviant behavior. If you were to practice your behavior in such a fashion OPENLY as to glamorize the sin of sodomy to the detriment of others, then according to Islam you would be subject to disciplinary action. As to the number of witnesses and process of the trial and the sentencing, I would have to refer you to scholars for that part goes beyond my knowledge. Yasser Qadhi is a good soure. He has several videos on Youtube. You may email him at: Dr. Muzamil Siddiqui is also a good source:

      2. Same goes for apostasy and adultery. Nowadays, the society finds adultery, homosexuality and such as NORMAL behaviors. Most find NOTHING wrong with this behavior. Therefore, any type of punishment simply does NOT fit the “crime.”
      3. Verses of stoning reside in the Judeo Christian Bible and NOT in the Quran. I explained earlier the abuse of this practice.
      4. I certain support that Governments should be secular with equal rights for all. I certainly believe that religion should be between one and his Creator.

      I have nothing more to say on this subject. Now, I shall try to address you other matters.

  17. This is an “Islam Q/A” section, right? I’m here questioning. And you’re here, in a manner of speaking, answering. You’re right about this much though, ‘convincing me of the correctness of Islam isn’t your job’— nor was it ever my objective. [About the ONLY thing you could have convinced me of was the actual existence of materials that were “rejected” by the Council of Nicaea as non-canonical. But, sadly, you’ve abandoned that endeavor.]

    If it’s your duty “as a Muslim to teach CORRECTLY what the Islamic concept” is, and “there is NO country on earth today that is practicing Islamic Sharia correctly,” one has to wonder if it isn’t YOU, and not the rest of the Islamic world, that’s got it wrong… You’ve said, “[h]omosexuality is a sin. I do not see it as a crime.” Now, however, according to you that IS NOT what Islam teaches; it in fact becomes a crime in Islam if you refuse to hide it or aren’t adept enough at doing so. Not to pot too fine a point on it, your comment that my refusal to hide my sexuality would subject me to “disciplinary action” is another example. [I think you mean ‘execution’, don’t you?] Seems to me that instead of being forthright, you’re here voicing a calculated, watered down version so as to make what’s unpalatable, less so. [‘Sugarcoating’ it’s called.] The truth is, living OPENLY and honestly doesn’t “glamorize” anything detrimental to others; it’s refusing to be shamed into hiding simply because religious fundamentalists, not content to live by the dictates of their own chosen Bronze Age myth. insist on EVERYONE else living by it too. Not all gods are as prurient as you and some Christians make yours out to be.

    Still, I’m glad to hear you support that ‘Governments should be secular with equal rights for all’ and believe that ‘religion should be between one and his Creator.’ That’s just one small step away from repudiating Sharia Law as the archaic barbarity that it is. Whether taking that step would mean ‘glamorizing that to the detriment of others’ [i.e. being open and honest about it] and would constitute the capital offense of apostasy, I don’t know. You tell me.

    As for the sin of Sodom? “Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food, and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy. Thus they were haughty and committed abominations before Me. Therefore I removed them when I saw it.” Ezekiel 16:49, 50

  18. Quim McOmber Roundy

    It was a pleasure to meet you when I transported you from Park City Utah to the Airport In Salt Lake.
    As far as your beliefs, I have to say that they do fall in line to a large degree with what I have come to know. As a “Mormon” of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints, I find it amassing how what you believe…. as you have pointed out here in your Q and A coincides with my beliefs in Mormonism. If for no other reason but to just compare You may wish co consider reading the book of Mormon. If you wish I’ll send you a copy. And I shall read the Quran.

    • Hello Quim,
      Thanks for transporting me. Hope you are well. I am back home EMPOWERED with Self-confidence!!!!! I have no regrets for what I have done!!!!! I think the family needed that dose. HA!!! I can teach you Islam via Skype for one hour a week. I have done so in the past many times for different Church groups and such. You are welcome to teach me Mormonism as well. Let me know if you are comfortable with this idea.

  19. Quim McOmber Roundy

    his is the kind of “HOGWASH” that we have to put up with. and it is just that “HOGWASH!!!

    • Quim,
      I am VERY familiar with the video above. It is misrepresentation of my faith, led by a few groups with an agenda. I know exactly who they are. You will also figure out who they are in time. I am certainly a devout Muslim woman. I am peaceful. I assimilate well into my society and community and contribute and volunteer for the betterment of all. Take care. Esma

  20. Quim McOmber Roundy

    I’m interested but I don’t Skype. I will buy a Qur’an and read. You could do the same with a book of Mormon. I am not capable of teaching with the “Spirit” as well as if you were to read for yourself. but you will find it very interesting, there is a lot more to it than just a book made for some cultish fad.

    • Quim,
      Buying a Quran and simply reading is NOT the way to gain the meaning. The Quran is a collection of verses that God sent to Prophet Muhammad during the last 23 years of his life. One has to know the events that were taking place when God sent down each verse. Otherwise, it is like reading a sentence out of an essay in isolation, without knowing anything about the essay. The Quran is NOT even set up in Chronological order of how Muhammad received them. Good luck in your studies.

  21. Quim McOmber Roundy

    Thank you!

  22. Quim McOmber Roundy

    I believe that many plain and precious things were altered and changed in the bible during the dark ages. I know you believe the same. It seems that the best way for me to feel the influence of the spirit, the greatest teacher of all, would be much easer to share with your fellow man if it was presented in the same manner. I rely on this influence in my life and long for others to feel the same influence. I’m not inclined to read or try to decipher (I’m much to plain myself for that.) I hope you understand.

  23. I have heard that “shirk” (the partnering of Allah with something or someone else) is the worst sin that anyone can commit; however, it appears to me that it is done by ALL Muslims, because they ALL submit to the words and ways of MUHAMMAD, because HE is the “perfect example,” and ALL of his behaviors and modes of thought are virtual commandments, especially when consulting with the Sunnah and Hadith.

    How is this NOT shirk? How is it not shirk when Muslims are made to treat a MAN as though he is something AS holy as Allah Himself, to the point of calling “insulting” him as being “blasphemy”? Also, you pray toward a black stone, and when you go on your pilgrimage to Mecca, you show respect and homage to it. How is THAT not “shirk”? You can SAY that it isn’t, but your actions and attitude speak the truth, not your words.

    How can it be that “shirk” is so evil, and yet Muslims MUST commit it in order to obey the commands of Muhammad, as per the supposed “eternal” word of Allah?

    • John,
      Shirk is equating partners with God, who is the ONE and ONLY unique being. Muslims are taught to respect HIS prophets, especially HIS top five ones, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. However, NO prophet of HIS is equivalent to God. Some Muslims of the Shei sect, venerate Muhammad and his family members, which comprises of shirk, but they represent a small minority of the Muslims. We pray towards the Kaba in Mecca, which has the stone, but we do NOT worship the kaba nor the stone as deity. God sent down the Quran, which represents HIS eternal word via Angel Gabriel to Muhammad to teach ALL of mankind, God’s final revelations.

  24. Esma, this is John, the one to whom you gave your card tonight at the church. This is a neat site to express one’s self. Just wanted to let you know that according to the Baha’i Faith, Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets of the AdamicCycle, starting with Adam and ending with Muhammad. Baha’u’llah, the Founder of the Baha’i Faith, is the start of the Baha’i Era, a new Cycle. Baha’is are from Keturah (Genesis 25:1, 25:4, 1 Chroncles 1:32, 1:33), Abraham’s third wife, so to speak, after Sarah and Hagar. Just for your information on why there is Baha’i at all…

    Looking forward to chatting, John

    • Hi John,
      Islam does not recognize that Keturah existed. Only two sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael are recognized. Also, Muhammad is considered to be God’s last prophet. Islam does not recognize anyone else after him as a prophet. Please do not take offense, this is my belief according to Islam.

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